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Institutional Consumer Resources

Government Accountability Project
This excellent site is for the rabble-rouser in all of us, providing an internet resource for information about whistle-blowing, government wrongdoing, and official misconduct of all kinds. Be sure to check out the excellent section on food safety, which features an expose' of the substandard food that sometimes makes its way into the National School Lunch Program. Do you REALLY know what your kids are eating at school?
National Center for Food Safety and Technology
The NCFST is a consortium organized to address the complex issues raised by emerging food technologies. It includes academia, industry, and the government to combine resources and encourage cooperative efforts to ensure the continued food safety and quality of the nation's food supply. This is not necessarily the prettiest site around, but it contains a good amount of helpful information, especially about available educational programs.
Ask a Food Safety Expert
Web site designed to answer common food safety questions with more than 600 frequently asked questions and answers. More than 100 food safety experts available to provide peer-reviewed answers to consumer and foodservice food safety questions.
International Food Information Council Homepage
The International Food Information Council (or, IFIC) provides reliable scientific information on food safety and nutrition to journalists, health professionals, educators, government officials and consumers. Because this website is updated regularly, the information it provides is always quite current.
Sponsored by the Food Institute of Canada, this web-site provides a wealth of information on the food industry, while also offering a global perspective. The Food Safety resource page is quite good, as is the site's section on laws and regulations.
Institute of Food Technologists
The Institute of Food Technologists (or, IFT) was founded in 1939, and is a nonprofit scientific society with 28,000 members working in food science, food technology, and related professions in industry, academia and government. On several occasions, the attorneys at Marler Clark have been asked to give presentations at an IFT national or regional convention. THE IFT IS AN EXCELLENT ORGANIZATIION, AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE AS AN IMPORTANT SOURCE OF RELIABLE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION.
The Handwashing For Life Institute
The Handwashing for Life Institute offers practical and focused information and training for reducing the risk of food-contamination through improper hygiene. The Institute and its founder, Jim Mann, are best known for the blue hands language-free video and the accompanying Hands-On System of Best Practices. Through Hands-On, handwashing moves from being the most important unmeasured risk factor to being the heart of auditing practices for both operators and regulators. The Institute’s emphasis is: What gets measured gets done.
The Food Research Institute
The Food Research Institute (or, FRI) is based at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and is both an independent research institute and an academic department in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Usually on the cutting-edge of food safety research, the FRI is a top-notch resource for obtaining the most recent scientific information about food microbiology and toxicology. The attorneys at Marler Clark regularly retain the experts here at the FRI for help in ongoing foodborne illness litigation.
Grocery Manufacturers Association
The Grocery Manufacturers Association is the principal scientific and technical trade association for the food industry. While we normally advise people to be cautious when relying on information provided by trade associations, we have found that the GMA remains an excellent source of information on food safety issues of all kind, both scientific and regulatory.
Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management homepage
This excellent website is packed with food safety information and research, with a particular focus on the retail food industry. There is also lots of information about food safety at home. Created by Dr. Pete Snyder, one of the country's leading and most outspoken food safety advocates, this website is a treasure trove of useful and important information.
American Meat Institute homepage
The American Meat Institute (or, AMI) is a national trade association that represents approximately 70% of the Nation's meat packers and processors. The AMI provides legislative, regulatory, and public relations services on behalf of the meat industry, and also sponsors scientific and economic research, and some public education programs. While this is not a website that we would recommend for researching food safety issues, or seeking unbiased information (there are several better sites for that), it is still an excellent way to find out what the meat industry is up to.
The Inspector.Com
Sponsored by the Midwest Council of Food Inspection Locals, a labor union that represents meat, poultry & egg inspectors, this site is informative, eye-opening, and unabashedly opinionated. With a perspective developed on the front-lines of the food safety war, this site does not pull many punches. For example, if you want to be shocked (and maybe even appalled),check out the article entitled "Edible S**t".
Food Marketing Institute homepage
Like the AMI, the Food Marketing Institute (or, FMI) is a national trade association, this one representing food retailers. This website has limited utility unless you are interested in learning more about the food retailing and the laws that regulate it.