About Norovirus

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The Journal Watch Infectious Diseases
Edited and reviewed by more than 80 physicians, JWatch regularly combs 180 medical journals for important findings in infectious diseases.
National Institutes of Health
The National Institutes of Health web site is huge, with links to countless other sites, all having to do with (you guessed it) HEALTH. In particular, the sections having to do with HEALTH INFORMATION and SCIENTIFIC RESOURCES are both impressively vast, and typically quite helpful. You can do no-cost MedLine searches here as well, and link to on-line catalogs, journals, and learn about ongoing research projects. You could spend hours surfing this site, and learn tons.
Foodborne Illness: What Consumers Need to Know
Part of a website designed to provide health and safety information for HIV-positive individuals, and persons living with AIDS, this web-page provide simple, yet important, information about foodborne illnesses and how best to avoid them.
Emedicine-Instant access to the minds of medicine:  Norwalk Virus
Article that discusses Norwalk virus, the symptoms and risks associated with the virus, its history, and causes.